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Cadets are eligible for up to 30 high school credits through the work experience program.

What work will my child have to complete?

On top of completing their yearly training with the cadet corps, they will be required to a monthly log sheet, as well as complete a self-assessment every 125 hours.

How many hours will be required?

A cadet will receive 5 credits for every 125 hours completed to a maximum of 30 credits. That’s just 42 regular Thursday evening parade nights. You can also count hours from any extra-curricular cadet activities (ie biathlon, drill, marksmanship) or any other activity participated in through cadets.

How do I get started?

Speak to your Off Campus Coordinator in your school to get registered. We can not apply hours earned until after you’ve registered with your school, so get your paperwork in to your Coordinator as soon as possible.

Can hours from last year’s training be counted?

No. We can only count hours from after you’ve registered for work experience.

How will my cadet’s corps be involved?

There will be minimal involvement from the corps. Registration forms must be signed by the Commanding Officer, as well as monthly time sheets. The Commanding Officer will also need to complete an assessment every 125 hours. Speak to the Commanding Officer to set up a best time to have your papers signed.