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Captain Evert Foster, CD

17 Jun 2021 -

My journey began in the Cadet program as a cadet in Medicine Hat from 1985-88.
When I aged out at the age of 18 I had joined the military in Cornwallis Ontario in 88 until 1991 when I finished my career in Kingston Ontario as a Communication Researcher in the Armed Forces.
Upon returning back to Medicine Hat in the later part of 1991 I became involved with the Air Cadets once again and continued my career as a CIC Officer with the Cadets at Medicine Hat and
remained there till 1995.
At that time due to work I had transferred to Pincher Creek AB Is when that I transferred my cadet career to 895 (Crows-nest Pass) Air Cadet squadron and served there from 1995-98 as an officer as well.
Due to work again transferred to Lethbridge and worked as a volunteer with #11 Air Cadets for two years. Unable to commit due to raising my special needs twin daughters whom needed my full attention.
2006 -2021 was involved once again with Lethbridge Air Cadets. Served as an officer until completing my post as a CO in June 2021 and look forward to a new and rewarding adventure serving 2313 Army Cadet Corp in Medicine Hat.
This is where it all started in Medicine Hat when I was a youth and
I have come full circle from where it all began.