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CSO 01 – History and Traditions

CSO 01 – 001 – Awards and Honours
CSO 01 – 002 – Accoutrements and Entitlements by Rank

CSO 02 – Personnel Administration

CSO 02 - 001 - Terms of Reference: Command
CSO 02 - 002 - Terms of Reference: Headquarters
CSO 02 - 003 - Terms of Reference: Training
CSO 02 - 004 - Terms of Reference: Squadron
CSO 02 - 005 - Standards for Cadet Promotion
CSO 02 - 006 - Discipline
CSO 02 - 007 - Adult Staff Membership and Advancement
CSO 02 - 008 - Cadet and NCO Enrollment and Advancement

CSO 03 – General Administration

CSO 03 - 001 - Administrative Procedures

CSO 04 – Training

CSO 04 - 001 - Accelerated Training Policy

CSO 04 - 002 -Instruction Evaluation Policy

CSO 05 - Operations

CSO 05 - 001 - Operational Activity

CSO 06 – Logistics

CSO 06 - 001 - Security Orders

CSO 06 - 002 - Emergency Response Plan

CSO 07 – Finance

CSO 07 - 001 - Corps Financial Activity

Purpose, Derivation, and Layout of Standing Orders

Derivation – 2313 South Alberta Light Horse (Kiwanis) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Standing Orders are derived from the following sources:

  • The National Defence Act;
  • Queen’s Regulations and Orders (Cadets);
  • Cadet Administrative and Training Orders;
  • Northwest Administrative Instructions;
  • The Standing Orders in place in 2313 South Alberta Light Horse (Kiwanis) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps throughout the 1990s;
  • The traditions and regular practices of the Corps; and
  • The initiatives, ideas, responses, and solutions of Corps Officers and Non-Commissioned


  • Standing Orders – The totality of all standing orders promulgated as part of Standing Orders;
  • Standing Order – A specific topical order contained in this order as a part of Standing Orders, labeled with a general topic number and a specific topic number; and
  • Promulgation – An order is promulgated when it is initially issued, or when it is revised in such substantial form to be considered re-issued.

Aim – The aim of these Standing Orders is as follows –

  • To provide regularity in all Corps activity;
  • To create standing orders which are reviewable on a topic by topic basis;
  • To retain effectiveness and stability in all Corps activity; and
  • To afford the Commanding Officer flexibility in responsibly adapting practices to changes in society, the Canadian Cadet Organization, and the local

Applicability – These standing orders are applicable to 2313 South Alberta Light Horse (Kiwanis) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps. The Commanding Officer remains legally and ethically responsible for all activity within the corps, pursuant to their duties under Cadet Administrative Training Order 11-36, Annex S.

Responsibility for Action

  • Commanding Officer (CO) – Notwithstanding anything else in these orders, the CO shall be solely responsible for promulgating changes to Standing Orders or new standing The CO shall additionally retain the authority to overrule or adapt any part of these orders when necessary as the CO sees fit;
  • Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO) – The Deputy Commanding Officer shall be responsible for periodically reviewing these orders, and providing new standing orders and amendments where necessary for the CO’s amendment and approval;
  • Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) – The RSM shall be responsible for advising the CO on changes to Standing Orders as affecting Non-Commissioned Officers within the corps;
  • Department Heads (Adm O, Sup O, Trg O) – Department heads are responsible for advising the DCO as to the need for development or amendment of standing orders within their purview;
  • Adjutant (Adjt) – The Adjt shall ensure copies of these standing orders are maintained at the corps offices and are accessible to members; and
  • All Officers – All officers may provide recommendations to the CO through Standing Orders conferences as to the suitability of amendments to Standing Orders.
  • Layout of Orders – These orders will be laid out with specific topics designated by the letters CSO for Corps Standing Orders, a two-digit general topic number, and a three digit specific topic General headings shall include:
    • CSO 00 – General Corps Orders;
    • CSO 01 – History and Traditions;
    • CSO 02 – Personnel Administration;
    • CSO 03 – General Administration;
    • CSO 04 – Training;
    • CSO 05 - Operations;
    • CSO 06 – Logistics; and
    • CSO 07 – Finance.

Promulgation – A standing order shall come into effect when it is promulgated in Corps Routine Orders by the CO. A standing order that is edited for minor form need not be re-promulgated, unless a change in practice requiring notice to members of the corps is triggered by the edit.