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CSO 02 - Personnel Administration



  1. These terms are an amplification of CATO 11-36 Terms of Reference, Annex S Terms of Reference Commanding Officer of a Cadet Corps.
  2. These terms are partially derived from the standing orders in place throughout the 1990s, although they have been completely revised to ensure that the Corps runs fully on the Regimental model.

Aim – The aim of these terms is as follows:

  1. To provide notice on and regularity in, the duties of all Corps personnel; and
  2. To ensure that the corps fully functions on the Regimental model in all

Deviations from Normal Rank Employment – Deviations from normal rank employment shall be avoided, but are in practice at times The DCO shall regularly observe deviations from normal rank employment, including the amount of variance, the number of variances within the Corps, and probable reasons for variance. Reference should be made to CSO 02 – 006 – Adult Staff Membership and Advancement and CSO 02 – 007 – Cadet and NCO Enrolment and Advancement to determine needs for members by position.

Normal Rank Employment: MWO

Responsible to: Sqn Comd

Responsive to: Sqn Comd, RSM

Directly Supervises: Tp WOs

The SSM is responsible to the Sqn Comd for the day-to-day administration of the Line Sqn, including but not limited to discipline, dress, deportment, and Specifically, the SSM is responsible for:

  • Ensuring effective Sqn communications, including but not limited to coordination and supervision of a weekly phone out;
  • Ensuring that Sqn timings are constantly met and observed;
  • Passing orders and directives from the Trg O and Sqn Comd on to the Line Sqn;
  • Supervising and directing Sqn NCOs in coordination with the RSM and applicable Pl Comds;
  • Acting as a senior disciplinarian within the corps;
  • Controlling Sqn administration and logistics in conjunction with the applicable sections of HQ Sqn;
  • Ensuring high standards of drill, dress, and deportment within the Corps;
  • Supervising and controlling the Sqn on all mandatory exercises; and
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Sqn Comd or RSM.

Reversion: RSM